Seated in a comfortable posture, with head in line with spine, take the witness seat and discover the vast inner space. 

Learn to quiet the mind through breath awareness, reduce stress, boost immunity and over all life force energy, but most importantly, discover your own truest Self through Raja Yoga


Through the practice of Hatha Yoga and Dance, we teach our students the art of movement meditation. With a keen attention to detail of body placement, use of breath, dynamic, space and weight, one is ushered into a highly creative and meditative mental space. In this spaciousness, one has access to their emotional, mental and intellectual feedback as a tool to create greater harmony within.


The Art of Massage invites the receiver to heal on all levels. Erica holds a space for her clients to heal on physical, emotional and mental levels. She is energetically attuned to her clients in a way that supports deep alignment, energetic clarity and cleanliness, and profound stress relief.